DAVEGA X Updates

Btw also the range is calculated with 30km
Which dosent seem correct to me
Is there anything i can do?

Nothing to be done at DAVEGA end. This is a VESC issue. I could implement some offsetting but the question is whether the offset remains consistent throughout the discharge cycle. You may want to compare the BMS and VESC readings when the battery is discharged.

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Id rather not have a $1000 phone mounted to an ebike rocket ship. If things go belly up there is a good chance a davega can survive some road rash. The phone will be funked. Id rather my phone not be getting rained on, plus the touch screen does not really work when its all wet. And as @MrDrunkenMobster mention cool features not found in other apps. Possible street cred! :wink:


Are you by chance using a Spintend?

They MUST be running the custom firmware in order to be safe and show correct voltages


Yepp exactly thts the issue i made the naming of tge firmware is little misleading
So now i need to update the bootloader and install the custom fw tht should solce my problem
Ill do this probably tmwr and let you know if it worked out


Metr Pro CAN is now available from shop.davega.eu so you can grab one along with a DAVEGA X and make use of the MeGA features (currently there are not many but more are planned).

The price is slightly more expensive than if you buy from metr.at but you save 12 EUR on shipping.


Rubber gaskets just arrived and are back in stock.


Quick question I have Davega but unfortunately ordered metr pro unity thinking well it’s the same thing pretty much and easy install just swap out ble module. I assume that Davega is only going to work with Can version? :frowning:

That’s unfortunately correct. We rely on the VESC to forward the communication between the two and that currently only works for one UART and one CAN device, not for two UART devices.

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@janpom are you in the process of re-stocking?

Seems no matter which option combo I choose, the davega x kit and pre-assembled are both out of stock on the website.

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Not still but rather again. :slight_smile: I got a big order from a business customer and that cleared my stock. ETA for more units is 2 weeks. :crossed_fingers:


Congrats. It’s a great product


BTW, good news Kaly users. I just picked up a bunch of these babies.

I’ll be getting most of them black anodized.


Can I purchase one in red if I pay extra? Or even keep one RAW Aluminum if no red. I have a Kaly Deck I’m doing a DIY on.

No red, sorry. I can definitely give you a raw one though.


Mark me down for a raw Kaly baseplate. Let me know if a deposit is needed. :metal:


Firmware v4.08

Most important updates:

  • ENNOID BMS support
  • cell voltages display for up to 24S
  • range ramp up (range temporarily projected from lifetime data after session reset)
    • demo below
  • lifetime max speed can be reset


- ENNOID BMS support
- cell voltages display for up to 24S
- range ramp up (range temporarily projected from lifetime data after session reset)
- lifetime max speed can be reset
- battery capacity settings: step changed from 1 mAh to 50 mAh
- session mAh in/out changed to Ah and values above 9999 mAh can now be displayed
- fix: odometer not saved upon stopping
- fix: fixes/improvements to the landscape mode view
- fix: updating config from Metr CAN with empty wifi settings
- various other minor fixes

Range ramp up demo (if you haven’t seen it yet):

I’ve been holding the v4.08 in the RC state for an embarrassingly long time. The main reason is that I wanted to test the ENNOID BMS support. I received a sample BMS unit from Kevin to use for testing but I haven’t been able to get the communication working. After double-checking I’m not doing anything wrong with Kevin we concluded the CAN circuitry must be faulty on this particular unit. So I shipped it back and now I’m waiting for another one.

Unfortunately the ENNOID support hasn’t received the testing that would be appropriate for a stable release. There are probably a few loose ends that will need addressing later. I don’t want to be holding this release back in RC anymore though so it’s coming out as is.


That sounds like a nice one. Does that mean for short trips where it doesn’t have enough current data to be accurate it relies on previous uses or am I reading it wrong?

Edit: video clears it up, that is very nice


And with the v4.08 finally being officially released there’s time for new feature work. I just put together something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

Initializing the VESC communication is a bit weird in discovering all the VESCs on the CAN bus. They all acknowledge their presence to the master VESC after start up. However, there’s no way to get the list of their CAN IDs from the master VESC. It will merely tell you how many VESCs there are. You need to scan the CAN yourself to discover the IDs. The scan is a bit slow and takes 2-3 seconds.

In v4.09rc1, DAVEGA stores the last seen CAN IDs in the flash memory so that the scan is not necessary. This effectively shaves off 2-3 seconds from the start up time (first boot up after the firmware update will still be slow but since the second boot up it will be starting up much quicker).

You may ask what happens if you add more VESCs on the CAN bus. Won’t they be missed because of the cache? They won’t because DAVEGA still polls the master VESC for the total VESC count and if it doesn’t match the number of cached CAN IDs, it will invalidate the cache and scan the CAN.


Wow, great job @janpom

By the way can you show me another BMS I can use for the DAVEGA X

Out of Stock in your Website