DAVEGA X Updates

I’m not seeing any lights on the BMS when I turn the unity switch on…

Connected the opto enable. Works now. Thanks!


Hm, weird. I don’t think that’s necessary. @SimosMCmuffin, can we please have your input?

I gotta say it was in fact necessary in this case. I thought it was not. That’s why I did not connect it to begin with. I’m not very good with electronics. All I know is connecting the opto enable solved the issue. I saw a pack badly out of balance, so I’ve now set the Flexi to always balance to correct this pack.

FlexiBMS lite is now available to purchase in the DAVEGA e-shop so you can grab one along with a DAVEGA X and save a little bit on the shipping. This may be especially relevant for overseas folk.

The price is slightly higher than in Simo’s e-shop so you if you want the Flexi alone it makes a whole lot more sense to buy from Simo directly.


What happens over 10A charge? Bms throttles? Something burns? Need additional cooling?

There’s no throttling. (I don’t believe any BMS actually does that.)

Simo has done some thermal tests.


The xiaoxiang smart bms can throttle or cut off charge from the app, but the app is hot garbage in the first place unfortunately.
Have you got a pic of the hot part front and back? Tempted to see if a bar of aluminium with thermal pads can fit on there

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You mean it can cut the charge if the current is over the configured limit. It can’t throttle/restrict the current though. Or have I missed something?

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I tried it now, it just shuts off. Fake news from me


Taking measures after a recent incident…


Did you put it in on both sides? Just to be sure :cowboy_hat_face:


And on the main box each on every side. Maybe the welcoming screen on the unit at first boot as well.
Can never be too prepared


I wouldn’t be surprised if that was going to be my next iteration. :sweat_smile:


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This is so fucking awesome @janpom brilliant :love_you_gesture:

PS: Fixed :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice! You may also want to upgrade to version 4. Upgrade to v4.00 - DAVEGA

BTW, wrong tag. :wink:


Also, the RC releases may be unstable. If you want to test them and come back with a bug report if something is not working, that’s highly appreciated. If you prefer not to be a guinea pig though, then stick with standard releases.

(RC = release candidate)


Yeah many thanks, I just installed the Davega and I wanted to try the update-over-the-air feature :smiley: will update it to v4 before I go riding this afternoon! :love_you_gesture:

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