DAVEGA X: Gauging interest

Hahaha, ok :slight_smile: First time I see that kind of labeling but we learn new things everyday !


Voted. Thanks for posting this here, as I had not seen that thread.

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I applied for VAT registration yesterday. As soon as I get it (probably in a few days), there will be additional 21% VAT for all EU customers. If you’re thinking about getting a DAVEGA X, this may be your last chance to purchase VAT-free. I’m temporarily prioritizing EU orders because of this so this also allows you to cut the usual 2 months waiting.

Here’s the order form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeumwVR7J5ZxPHDDXG-HFmUjEh5_lcl4SgkcUiTscnMtfvvXg/viewform


Pardon my question, but why did you applied for the VAT registration ? Is it mandatory where you live ?

I did the math and figured it’s better financially, especially since most of my sales go outside of EU. I’ve been trying to reduce the paid VAT as much as possible by ordering parts in small batches but that’s not sustainable. Plus, I’m setting up an office/workshop and there will be both one-off and regular costs with VAT included.

So basically I could either keep going without the VAT registration and increase the price for everyone or get the VAT registration and retain the prices for everyone but EU folks.


Also pardon me but does this mean that non EU folks get taxed instead or do you
under value the customs value?

Non-EU folks don’t pay EU VAT. They should pay the import tax in their own country. This applies regardless of whether or not they purchase from a VAT payer. In other words, the VAT registration does not affect non-EU sales in any way.

US folks, in particular, are lucky in that they can purchase from abroad duty-free up to a high limit so there shouldn’t be any tax on DAVEGA unless they order like 10 units.


Wow really? I didn’t know this :open_mouth:
So why do us Europeans have to pay hell load of tax if it comes from the US?

Sorry for derailing, I’m just curious and I don’t find the documentations clear as the details vary from one example to another :slight_smile:

Because we have shittier tax laws.


The davegaX should be at around 100€ then, right?

It’s between 100 and 144 EUR including shipping depending on whether you are in EU and whether you’re purchasing the kit or pre-assembled.

If i were to buy it: EU and not assembled

114 EUR if you pay by SEPA. 5 more if PayPal. That’s including shipping and VAT.

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That makes sense !

@janpom Filled out the order form, just curious what the current lead time is. Thanks !

My goal is to ship all current orders by the end of August and have DAVEGAs on stock since then.


Awesome thanks , can’t wait

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