Cut out during acceleration

Riding home from work and my board cut out on me, has rattled me a little.

Can’t share the ride link for some reason so took some screenshots and I’m pretty sure this is where it cut out on me

Running a stormcore 100d
Flipsky 140kv BH motors

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Any chance you hit max duty cycle limit? (75% or so would be oddly low)

What remote are you using? I had a similar experience recently, turned out to be the PPM plug wasn’t fully seated into the stormcore, I now dowse my ppm plugs in hot glue after insert

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I doubt it, I was barely hitting 30mph, I wanted to hard accelerate when it cut off, trigger wasn’t maxed

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The maytech v2 and it’s on ppm, I’ll glue mine down tomorrow, I hope it’s that, just about managed to control the wobble

The dual trigger? It’s highly possible that you ran through an interference area


What FW? When I switched to 5.3 under heavy acceleration I cut out too and went flying. I turned on the Slow ABS current limit tab. Can’t remember where it is but I can look when I’m off work computer. It seemed to do the trick for my problem.

Edit: Found a pic on this site:


Anyone have details on all the ways to avoid over-current shut-offs? I keep getting them running a single vesc6 on a bike.

I put max wattage at something like 99999 watts but with hard throttle it’ll still happen.


Sounds like it’s a common problem with hard accelerating, weird but the drop in motor amps gave me the wobbles, rode it today but no way am I going to push it hard

I doubt it, I ride past there all the time

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Hm okay, well it was worth asking, that behavior is exactly what happens during my remote cutouts

I’ve seen it in the settings but I don’t know what it does, anyone else has this set to on?

I had the same exact problem with the same battery and the same Vesc with firmware 5.3 the other day.

Was going from a standstill to full throttle, and the board stopped suddenly accelerating at something like 20kmh. I went face first into the floor.

I’m now scared to go full throttle, and have avoided since. I lowered the battery amps to 95 instead of 100 and although I haven’t had the problem again, i think it’s because I haven’t gone full throttle yet.

I will look into this as it looks promising.

Also, do you have sensors? I also disconnected my sensors after this and had no problem

I’m too freaked by cutouts to utilize the full potential of the Vesc. Anyone know all the possible ways to avoid them? I thought it was as simple as increasing the “max wattage” limit to 9999 or something but that didn’t solve it.

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I had some issues like this and increased ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM CURRENT to like 400amps (or as high as possible) which seemed to help (not ALL the ways, sorry Hummie)

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Thanks, I think that’s what I did, increasing the max current to whatever u can put it to and it still will cut out though

I’m still sensored

What’s causing the cut outs tho, it seems to be trigger based as in amps are low, battery voltage is still within limits, don’t make sense. I cruised to work today, definitely didn’t feel brave enough to go fast

I’ll check fw

i’ve had vescs cut out and cause wobbles of death both on a ubox v2 and trampa vesc 6, both of which i tried heavy acceleration close to the max speed of the board. it usually cuts out on the slave vesc, believe it may be down to overcurrent protection

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