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Customized Heatsink /Battery cases/ vesc Cases

Hey Guys,

I start to run a little company sidewise to my regular engineering job. I make all kinds of customizable stuff. For example heatsinks for the esc or cases. Also carbon fiber or 3D printed enclosures are possible.

I make Heatsinks for all common esc’s. All of them are milled out of 7075 aluminium. It is really light and pretty tough, therefore it is widely used in aerospace applications. On every heatsink a personalization is possible. For example an logo. Under this post is an example of a heatsink for a unity.

Basically all kinds of milled, printed, or laminated ideas are possible to create;)
Feel free to ask me or send me designs and I am going to built them;)

The prices are very individually calculated but for heatsinks a standard Price of 50€ is fixed. The personal logo wishes are already included. (without shipping)

I am looking forward for your response;)


What’s your location?

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with that esc shown in the pic, that’s a no from me even if its for free :yawning_face:


Austria (Upper Austria)


I am quite happy with the Unity;)

Cool. Hallo Nachbar!


People like the things sand blasted and anodized pretty colors if you can


Finally a few people offering their service in Europe!
Thank you!

What type of CNC do you have? How thick can it cut, etc…?

Also what 3d printer is available to you? Sounds like a pretty nice one if you can print carbon filament :smiley:


Its a 3 axis cnc mill.
Part size: 600x900x100 mm
Materials: Plastics, wood, aluminium, fiber reinforced plastic (cfk, gfk)

The 3d printer is a standard fdm printer.
There i can print standard stuff like pla, abs, tpu and pc

I meant with carbon parts, laminated parts or milled plates like motor mounts:)


Damn nice!!

Oh haha🤦👌
Silly me

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Are you happy to do business with UK consumers?

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Shipping costs will be pretty pricy but it should be possible


Super Kollege :handshake:
Even with logo wishes for the orders :smile: :+1:
Looks gooooooood with the rat bones :hugs: :heart:

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Do you make Trampa HD60 Heatsinks ? :smiley:

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Yes this should be no Problem;)

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