Custome street carver deck and enclosure

Hi guys
I think its time to show you my latest idea. I want to make and sell Deck and Enclosures that are cuctome made. I’m also planning on doing crazy custome graphics and glas frit and normal griptape. The enclosure will be made of Fiberglas or carbon fibre. The deck is gonna be similar to the Flux deck or the lacroix even tough i can make custome shapes.

CF enclosure for Double stack 21700 cells in up to 14s8p or 21s6p
There is an appartment for the ESC wich is about 210mm x 114mm
1 compartment for ESC, the other compartments for batteries

Are you guys interested in something like this? I’m trying to create premium decks and enclosures. Also what are you ready to pay for a CF enclosure(Maybe even with a custome Aluminium heatsink).


Given what you pulled off with your outstanding DIY deck and enclosure solution, you seem like a great person to offer these products/services.

We currently have no one offering high-quality frit and skin work (apologies if I’m missing someone), so I think you’ll get a ton of heat.

The same will be true for decks, but you’ll have more competition there from the likes of Skyart, Redember and Tomiboi. (I also hope Al puts down his peen and makes more decks.)

But yes - I’d love to see a talented guy like yourself hang a shingle in this area.

Best of luck!


Hmm, making the ESC compartment slightly shallower to accomodate for an ESC heat-sink sticking out is a pretty smart idea, albeit it looks a bit odd.

Personally I think ultra-slim integrated decks would be a better niche, especially for the European market, but hey let’s see what others think :slight_smile:


you wound me.

I feel like the electronics compartment would benefit by being the same shape and depth as the rest. The way it is in your design seems to add limitations while bringing no real benefit… curious to hear why you have drawn it like that tho.

I also feel that if you intend for the enclosure to flex, that those segments are gonna need to be the full depth of the enclosure if you’re going with glass/carbon.

Super excited to see what you come up with! good luck!


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I made the ESC compartment shallower to make it slimmer and look special so mostly just asteticts but also for the heatsink. There is still enought heigt to fit a bioX esc and a smartbms on top. I dont think i’m gonna make it flex. Those Bumps you see are more for the looks and also to hold the cells in place. Would you guys like an envlosure that flexes?


Time for me to try again at it without getting harassed by sender

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What location?


I feel like if you’re aiming towards the carver side of the market then flex is a pretty big deal. Personally i’d prefer a stiff ride but I know that my tastes differ from what most peeps like.

Also in regards to the depth of the esc compartment, might be worth checking if the SKP Solo will fit in there. If I was in the market for a HV esc right now, i’d be looking very closely at one of those bad boys.


Do you have any measurements for the SKP solo? Also i guess im best of making a flexy enclosure and the ESC compartment the same size as the others. What is something you guys would wish for in an enclosure that isnt available yet?

I’d like the rear end of the enclosure to have a straight, vertical wall (not a sloped one) so that motor connectors come out straight, rather than away from the deck.



Also having enough lip on the enclosure so that you can put butyl tape on the inside of the bolt holes for water-proofing would be great :slight_smile:


But it looks shiiiiiittttt


Yes i will put a lip around the thing but i think it looks really ugly with vertical walls. Im probably making some 3d printed parts to keep the cables going straight out the enclosure.


Agreed, slanted much better

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So i made all the segments the same height. And also a vertical wall for the phase wires. For flexibility the cuts in the segments are now almost the entire dept.


The flat panel at the back like that is a great idea :ok_hand:

Personally i’d like to see that last segment divider deleted to just have 4 double sized segments, it just increases what you’re able to do with it.


Very nice!

How will the deck be constructed?

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Its gonna be made from Maple veneers and composite layers on the outside. Probably carbon fibre ok top and bottom but i can make wood finishes too. I will paint the edges black or any other colour or just clear coats. Whatever the comunity desires.


Agree on the 4 double sized pockets.

25 degree tail would be :fire::fire::fire:


Would the carbon fiber be 3k or forged? Forged would be harder but I’m confident with your ability just from seeing your integrated evo.

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