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Custom rear and front lights

Hi there
I have just finished my custom rear light for my esk8
Basically it is the 3d-printed box with indent for LEDs PCB. I`ve made it because I want to control lights of my board from my diy RX PCB. Also, this model is not that perfect but fits well on “Pairs Style” 7.25" trucks from AliExpress

So here is the way it looks like:

And here is the PCB for 8 5mm LEDs:

So that is the way it looks like with 4/8 leds:

In order to make it somewhat waterproof (and it is definitely reasonable with Moscow’s climate) I’ve covered the PCB with nail polish (yeah, shitty DIY style but it works so well)

PCB is fixed in it’s place with glue which improves both shock resistance and makes it more waterproof also)

Also, this box contais special pass for Hall sensor that measures speed, and the lightbox (that’s the way I’m going to call it :slight_smile: ) itself is fixed on the truck with M5 10mm bolt.

So, there is the result, due to the lenses on the leds light density is pretty high, so I`am satisfied with the result:

So there are models and PCB:
BackLightBoxCoverV5.1.stl (116 KB)
BackLightBoxV5.stl (682.6 KB)
PCB_PCB_2020-01-28 01_23_04_20200128152207.pdf (11.3 KB)

Front lighs are on the way as well as build thread about my board
Post your ideas and thoughts :slight_smile:

(Sry for so much edits, i`m just used to type Ctrl+Enter instead of single Enter :smile:)


Post some pics, a model, something to let us know what you are doing.

EDIT: Thanks for posting more info, much better :slight_smile:


how are you powering the lights?

They are 5V-powered, I get power from my DIY RX unit that has pwm outputs for rear and front lights