Custom Haya For Sale

Ok guys. Gonna keep this short and sweet.

I am doing a custom Haya for someone… maybe you?

It is a standard Haya deck that I am going to customize to give it more character.

The lid is going to be CF with glass frit, which I am just finishing up now.

The ends of the top beyond the edge of the lid can be finished in CF to match the rest of the lid, or painted, I will leave that up to the buyer.

The bottom I am going to leave unfinished as I want to be able to customize it for whoever gets it.

There are a LOT of options here. But essentially it will be a fabric lamination chosen by you or even custom designed by you. You want your avatar with lightning bolts behind it? Cool.

You own a business and want your logo? No sweat.

Want the lyrics to you favorite nickelback song just like it is tattooed to your upper thigh? Ok, I guess

Or you can just select from one of 750,000 options that are already available.

I am going to post some examples of some of the projects I have done for people to give you an idea of what it looks like.

Also, things like changing to polished hardware for the lid is of course doable too. Can even imbed subtle reflectors in the epoxy for increased visibility.

Here are some examples.

Here are some examples of some custom fabrics coming in or being worked on (@mmaner does all the design work, so your deck will be touched by an angel)

This is a detailed and time consuming process. So don’t crucify me at the stake for the price point.

Custom Haya $425

That includes shipping (within US, international, we will figure it out) and all custom costs (within reason, lol).

Please hit me up if you have any questions or want more details.

Turn around will be approximately 3-4 weeks after the fabric is selected and ordered (most of that time is waiting for the fabric). This is unless something unforeseen happens of course.

How I want to do it is take a $200 deposit on PayPal so I can get the fabric you select ordered. Then finish the project while sending you progress updates. After it is complete, you will pay the balance and I ship out the board to you.

The deposit is just to protect me so you don’t change your mind and leave me stuck with a custom deck with your ugly face on it or something​:joy::joy:.

I guess this wasn’t short. My bad.


@Sender Skates your work is gorgeous. I don’t need one but I want ahahh


Thanks man!

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This is gonna be epic.

There are so many of my boards in that picture show :smiley:.


Nice work! Can’t wait to see more custom skinned decks.
What if somebody want to have his own deck/enclosure custom skinned from you?
You plan to offer this service in future too?


Already planning on skinning your custom kaly XL 2.0 ?

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Of course! I like projects and what I am doing with the decks is really fun and rewarding, so always open to other people’s projects if I think I can do it!

@Grozniy, Kaly decks are looking great as is! But I definitely want to do some unique colored glass frits on some of them.

Or skin them as they get used and scuffed up in a year or so. :grinning::grinning:


isn’t the flex of the new kaly deck an issue?
I mean, could it happen that the fabric cut with time? How much stiffness does one layer of fabric (not cf) add to the deck?


On top it does add some stiffness, but not nearly as much as on bottom. And fabric adds significantly less than say a Carbon Fiber layer.

For instance, added a cool Dragon Scale print to @mmaner’s factory second Lacroix deck. @mmaner how is the flex?


The same as it was, maybe slightly less but I can’t actually feel the difference.


LMFAO. don’t you dare tempt me into owning 2 haya’s :joy::joy::joy:


Excellent work as allways :wink:

Some more pics of the lid?
Its gonna be a lucky customer :ok_hand:


If the bottom is also skinned in CF, will there be connection issues?

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For sure, I will get some more later today

Here are some pictures mid process

In the future, this lid could be anything. I could do the bottom in CF and the lid in a custom fabric lamination. Options are limitless really.

I did this lid in CF because, well, I like it. Then I went back re counter sunk the bolt holes. Everything lines up great and it removed a bit of the “hollow” feeling the lid had before.


The bottom won’t be CF, it will be a fabric lamination, thus no connectivity issues.

Though, in general I have had no issues with that. I could understand running into issues if it is 100% CF. But one layer of light CF has had no ill effects for me.

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Thank you for clarification :slight_smile:

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Your boards are fantastic!!! Maybe one day I’ll throw down and get an official @sender board to build up…

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Your work is so well executed. Quality and Finish Level 11.


Wow :exploding_head: it is a gorgeous collection of custom deck !! (lucky @mmaner :smile: )

Can’t wait to see the finish of this Senda’yaaaa :stuck_out_tongue:


Blatant marketing ploy you capitalist slut.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
As always in bewildered awe of the quality and finish on your creations Tim. Next level shit.