Custom deck builder

Does anyone have any suggestions on a QUALITY custom deck builder to help be bring an idea to fruition?

I want to get a custom kicktail deck built with specs catering to the needs of an electric skateboard…

  • it will have a slightly old school shape,

  • with a few more inches in length than most standard old school street decks,
    -im wanting a recessed area for components,
    -more than standard ply count to make up for the loss of strength the recess causes,
    -and/or a layer or two of carbon fiber/fiberglass also to rectify the weakness the recess causes.

    I have Other more specific requests related to the recess modification in order to fine tune the functionality of the deck and meet my specific needs, however, anyone capable of producing a quality deck with a milled recess should have the tools and skills to address those needs, so I won’t waste time discussing them here.

    I had looked to drang in the past but i was never in a position to pull the trigger when he was available to take on the project. He is not taking new orders atm as well as I read there have been issues another member had with his service that I’m unaware if they have been rectified. I have not been able to find anyone else and most other deck producers that claim “custom”, when you go to their site it has no mention of custom builds.

    So any suggestions or direction given would be much appreciated. I’m looking for someone with a reputation of quality service and products to match. I don’t want a deck that looks cool that’s gonna crack or break due to lack of glue or faulty manufacturing methods.

Thanks in advance to any help the community has to offer!!!

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Is this for a one off? Or a production run?

@tomiboi has the skillz to pay the billz.


If there is interest I’d be up for a group effort, but my personal finances are such that I may order 2-3 decks for personal use and hope that whoever I use saves the mold for future needs.

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I’ll check him out, thanks, he have a website or instagram?

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Never mind. Found it. Thanks bro.

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I’m reworking my website right now so forgive me if it looks awful. My Murder Hornet kicktail deck sounds similar to what you’re looking for. Give me a shout if you have any questions.

Ya, not exactly. Too short. And the shape isn’t optimal fir me. Are u able to do customs?

Henry at pine tree skate co did both of my customs. You can find em on etsy. The first ones rock solid, the second has a bit of flex to it, i may reinforce it whenever i end up opening it up next, i dont like flex. For mountainboards, @NullBlox makes some sweet stuff and i intend to get one of his soon too. @tomiboi mentioned above makes nice decks too, im not sure if he does customs or not though.

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I’ll do custom shaping. That’s fairly easy and inexpensive. If you need a mold fabricated things can get pricey. What kind of length are you looking for? Truck spacing?


Sky’s the limit so it appears.

34-35 length
Truck spacing not entirely sure. Gotta do some measurements. I need to fit a 12s3p Nese with a unity and bms. So I’ll get back to you with exacts. Sorry for delayed response.