Custom Boosted Stealth, Boosted Vanguard Enclosures, 2 Pairs Caliber 2 Trucks, Torqueboards 6355 motors, and more!

I have a quite a few items I am looking to sell. Here is a list of the items with the price, make me an offer though. I will include pics at the bottom after the items listed:

1.) Custom Boosted Stealth Complete upgraded with vanguard deck, Extended range batteries, and the purple Caguamas. I am also including the stock boosted stealth wheels. Runs like a champ and has about 47 miles on it which means it was not rode much. The board cost me over 2,000$ when all was said and done but I am only looking to get $800 plus shipping.

2.) Used Caliber 2 trucks. They are white and though they look very used they have no issues with the functionality. $30 plus shipping.

3.) Lightly Used Caliber 2 trucks. They are white as well. Only used for a few miles. $35 plus shpping.

5.) Boosted Vanguard Custom Enclosures. Never been used but have some minor scratches and blemishes from being moved around in my garage quite a bit. $75 plus shipping.

6.) Ownboard Vanguard style enclosures. Used. $50 plus shipping.

7.) Torqueboards 6355 motors Used but work like new. Top speed of around or close to 30mph depending on the battery setup you have. $150 plus shipping.


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I’d be interested in the motors and mounts! Are you in the US? Where would they ship from?

I am located about 20 miles north of Los Angeles and that is the location where I will be shipping from. Where abouts are you located so I can give you an accurate shipping estimate?

Replied in PM. Thanks for the quick response, especially since its so early on the west coast!

No problem! :relaxed:

Im interested in the boosted but why is the motor cover missing on the board? Also is it possible to ship to Ontario, Canada.

2nd in line for the motors :v:

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One of the motor covers is missing because I misplaced it in the middle of my transition from the stock boosted stealth deck to the loaded vanguard. We were moving at the time and it didn’t immediately effect the performance or ride-ability so I never got around to ordering a new set. Thank you for pointing that out though as it should have been noted in the original post. Nothing else is missing. Comes with the extended range battery, the stock stealth wheels(85mm I believe), the boosted skate tool(not pictured), the user manual, etc etc. The stock boosted deck is not included as it was destroyed removing the cables that run from the esc to the battery pack. :grimacing:

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To be clear, the motors and motor mounts have been sold as well as the focboxes. All other items are still available.

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Can u ship to Canada? If so you got a deal on the boosted!

Yes I would be happy to ship to Canada,

Boosted is still up for sale!

How much space do the enclosures have. (Not the ownboard ones)