Current Settings and FOC

So I’m having trouble understanding the settings when programming with VESC.

I’m using:

Now, I’m confused about the regen part and the amps required. Should I go for the 60A that the FSESC is rated for or go below? I’ve seen that sometimes manufacturers overrate their ESCs. Any help would be much appreciated.

If it means anything in terms of acceleration, I only weigh 135 lbs or ~60kgs.

Tell us more about the battery. Where did it come from? Do you have a photo? What cells are inside?


The batteries are being built by Z battery solutions. They’re two 5s2p batteries that will be connected in series. It’s still being built so no pictures yet but he is using P42A’s so the entire connected battery has a capacity of 8.4 Ah

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@JoeyZ5 this the battery you were working on yesterday?

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No, I’m starting them soon :grin:

Did you already purchase that FSESC?

I have not, just considering how everything would be done. I was looking at the maker-x mini fox plus but I wasn’t sure if it was too little max amp or not.

a 10S2P is going to be pretty limited, a smaller ESC like that would be a good match.

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Oh also, currently they’re the same price since the switch is included in the FSESC 6.6 and there’s 10% off.

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good a reason as any to have a bigger ESC. You’ll be able to increase your pack size later with that one too.

So, back to the initial question. Should I keep a relatively low current, around 40A for the set battery current, or go to the max that the FSESC and battery can maintain.

40a batt is the most you should put through that esc if that’s what your asking

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Yeah. Just wondering, why is that? I would like to understand the things I’m doing.

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Flipsky often overrates their ESCs, so running them lower than advertised will prolong the life.

I’d say

75A Motor max
-75 Motor brake

40A Battery max
-16A Battery regen


Idk about claiming that they will last longer due to lower current

But lower current will keep them from overheating

I was under the impression that higher voltage and running them near their erpm limits was the killer most of the time


heat is one of the major culprits. That and not being able to handle the voltage spikes from regen braking, but yeah, running them near the very top end of their capabilities is the biggest one i think.


Okay, thanks for all the help everyone.