Crap in belts: Belt covers, protection and motor mounting config

Couldn’t find any discussion on this specifically, especially the belt covers/protection

Im using the following:
Caliber 44/50
Boardnamics mounts without idler, 12mm belts
36T ABEC bolt through pulley, 15T motor
6355 torqueboards motors @40amps on 10s2p
90mm wheels, 97mm on the way this week

I’m coming from hubs, first experience with belts. Been running this setup for less than a week and I already snapped a belt from damage (and nearly ran through an intersection from the lack of brake power when I realized). Actually in just my ride today, I had the wheel lock up from a cigarette butt and two other instances where stones jammed the belt and I had a single wheel lock up – in addition to snapping the belt.

I live in Philadelphia and the roads are terrible. I’m having collisions with the belts and the ground. Boardnamics has pulley covers available to 3D print, but they don’t cover the belt at all. Ground clearance between the belt and the ground at the bottom of the wheel is very low.

I see very little out there for belt protection. I found this pulley/belt cover on thingiverse that I printed, but its going to require a new hanger and the pulleys with their own bearing to use. I have to install my wheel and wheel pulley together and then this covers the tension screws at the motor mount. So that wont be practical

Any suggestions? I just installed a 5mm riser pad and angled the motor mounts toward the board slightly more because they were colliding with everything.

Thanks for any recommendations. Im willing to buy new motor mounts if needed.


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Bigger wheels…if you hit something hard enough, no abs, PET, etc will save your belt…So bigger wheels…the bigger you can go, the better…I have the same issue within my country, pneumatics over 8 inches where my solution, probably buying 9 inches later…

I’m kinda surprised there aren’t any fully enclosed street belt drives out there, because this seems like a pretty common problem. You could always design your own, or go with a gear drive. Those aren’t cheap though.

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Appreciate the feedback. I’ll work on a solution


I have never had any issues with my belts and I have ran over rocks sticks and glass just because I couldn’t avoid it. maybe you have too much tension on your belts. I have my motors at the back so it seems like what I run over with the front ends up getting kicked out the sides

I actually have and printed that piece in ABS. However, it only works if you have push fit pulleys. Theres no way to install that and tension the belt/motor position once its installed.

Even with the dickyho pulleys im currently running with a bearing, the ABEC wheels require the wheel to be bolted to the pulley before installing.