"Could not read with the firmare" after an upgrade over Bluetooth on the vesc tool

Hello, @Trampa not too sure if you could help us a bit here. (Or others if anyone has any idea on what happened)

I was helping my friend to upgrade his board here, went on the vesc tool, saw an available update so we upgraded it. Everything goes around smoothly, we see the bar going up to 100% and then it disconnect, nothing wrong till here. I used these settings to upgrade the fsesc, and applied them to all the esc connected to the canbus.

Then we reconnected the vesc tool, it showed this error message:

Parts: flipsky 6.6
Module: Metr.pro

Both sides had the same firmware, and opening it up, nothing is blinking red, we are getting a blue and green light reading from the ESC.
Any idea what have might have gone wrong in the whole process? And how to fix this?

metr is not yet compatible with the 4.0 FW.

You might need to plug in a USB and see if you can connect and configure.

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(We used the vesc tool to upgrade, the metr was more acting as a “middle man” between both ways.)
We didn’t had a window PC at the time, tried to find the vesc tool on MAC, not there, but we’ll try later on windows.

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