Connectors for 50A


I am currently gathering the last few parts for my project and now I am looking for connectors.
My motor will draw a max of 50A @ 60V, which is apparently more than the “normal” Amass mt60 connectors can handle (in terms of amps).

So what do I do? Should I just use MR60 connectors, which seems to go up to 60A?

You have to remember that it’s not pulling that continuous. An MR/MT60 uses the same “pins” as an xt60 I believe, and that can easily handle 50 amps, especially since it’s burst and not continuous.

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Booth mt60 and mr60 are rated for current 30A and peak 60A.

But if your really need 50A continuous, then you might want to look for xt150 that are rated for current 60A and peak 130A. They come in version for 3 wires.


you should be fine with xt-60, but if you really want, xt90 should be more than enough


I don’t think you will have any problems using MR60 or MT60 for 60A continuous, higher peak, as long as they are Amass brand connectors.

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Definitely agree with this - I can say from experience that you definitely want to get the genuine amass stuff


Try Anderson PP45s


Sorry, you’re right of course =/

Thanks for the input!