Connecting VESC to Vesctool on PC/MAC via Bluetooth? Help Needed


I have a Flipsky 6.7 Dual Min, with a VX4 remote connected to it via UART. How can I connect the VESC to the VescTool on my PC/MAC for changes without resorting to the USB cable? Bluetooth is far easier and hassle free, but im not sure what additional hardware I need, and if I can use it having the UART port with the VX4 connected to it on one of the vescs

Help would be appreciated. Many Thanks!


Do you have a ble module on your vesc?
Is it enabled?
Can you discover the ble module using your phone ?

Using ble through the pc app is possible but finicky imo. I think connecting over ble is best done through the android app. I guess you didn’t buy it?

Hi, @iNoLikeFlexyDecks ,

I still have no BLE module. Wonderign which on I can buy. My vesc does not have it ( Its a Flipsky as mentioned before. )



You can buy any VESC compatible ble module.

A metr module would also work.

Flipsky sells one, trampa sells one… take a look around and post it here

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Done, got one. Works like a charm.