Compiling VESC firmware

I have been looking for details on compiling the VESC firmware.

Are there any instructions that is not 10 years old ?
Does the latest of Chibi Studio compile this code successfully ?
( ChibiStudio_Windows_2020-04 )

Has anyone tried to compile this code base with different compiler setups ?
( Visual Code Studio w/STM32 add on )

Thank You

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Latest chibistudio should work fine.

I’ve been building it on Ubuntu for a long time with a custom script, assuming you’ve got it in the bldc and vesc-tool folders


set -e

DIR=$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" && pwd )

cd $DIR
rm -r res/firmwares/*
cp -r $FWPATH/* res/firmwares/
find res/firmwares -maxdepth 1 -type f -exec rm {} \;
cp $FWPATH/../CHANGELOG res/firmwares

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Thanks for all the responses.

“should work fine”, there are three gcc versions.
Which one is appropriate ?? Or do they all work ??

What is a yml file ??
Does that mean, compiling is done only from the github site ??

The yml file contains the setup details for the Travis environment that builds the project in the cloud.

All work fine as far as I have tested but I use the 5.4 version since 7.0 has some reported issues with stm32F0 and I didn’t want to find anything new and exciting with stm32F4.

I think the yml is for the automated testing of pull requests. I just build it locally.


Thank you