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Community lead mandatory safety

Joking aside its a great topic and a great idea to have it pinned. We as a community need to be openly advocating the basic precautions in keeping this pastime safe.
Nice job @Brenternet and @BillGordon

Look at you two working together.

I feel all warm and fuzzy.

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In response to @Amazingdave I think this beckons another important and IMO under-discussed topic related to safety - learning and practicing how to bail. Perhaps another thread is in order for this but if anybody has methods and tips on what they think is the best way to bail (especially at high speeds where your instinct is to just throw your hands forward and let your body flop around randomly behind you) I would love to hear it.


Could be the topic, could be the booze. I’m not a doctor. But, either way, I agree. Safety is one topic that never gets old in Esk8. Or at least shouldn’t.

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What people don’t realise is the muscle memory associated with skating. Anyone who grew up riding skateboards has fallen multiple times. As young rubber boned individuals we instinctively learned how to fall. Guys and girls who have found this later on with no experience of analog will find it hard. Very hard when concrete is involved. I built a board for my wife recently and we have been hitting the park (grass) in her training on how to ride. Concrete pathways and then onto the grass. I knew as soon as she hit the grass the board would slow considerably and she would either ride it out or fly off. She did a combination. It really helped her with the counter intuitive machinations of falling and what to expect.
I feel much more confident now that she can handle a fall.


Wear your helmet or you’ll turn out like Bret.


Brent’s idea and write-up. I did nothing. But it was refreshing to have a normal interaction with him.


It was actually my idea and my write up but he stole it and took all the credit.

I couldn’t complain because south african…

How he rolls.


Lovely :blush:
Good to bring it back seriously! Darwins law is everywhere… please don‘t hurt yourself!
Otherwise well… you know - better: you‘ll see (cause nobody knows what‘s afterwards…)
Take care!
Watch for others and watch for yourself.

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@Brenternet great thread.

Head still a tad painful after a week. Propped open to show crack. Me, alive. Can’t stress safety enough. Would have been my skull with that crack. After the hit, I was so disoriented for a few minutes I had to roll out of the road into the grass since my bearings were so rattles. Got checked out at the hospital and all was 100%. Thanks again safety gear.





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Serious business :open_mouth:

What sort of speed and circumstance?

Thats the helmet his mum got him in grade 7. So sun brittle by now its basically an egg shell. lol

I still can’t work out how it still fits.

@Skatardude10 joking aside I am fully glad you were wearing it and are ok dude. I still wear a half shell for cruising and its saved me numerous times.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Brent wears a faux leather evolve helmet


He wears this


I would so rock that. I would have a biggles scarf though.


@anon54720240 Sector 9 Lightning full leather gloves is the solution.
No need to cut the thumb, it has neoprene for better motor skill.
Also :100: functional puck on remote hand. In case of fall, remote shouldn’t break.


I REALLY like the r2v2 waterproof maytech one. It has separate throttle and brake buttons and they are large and oversized for great control. Expensive though…


Somebody needs to show this thread to the people at Milesboard smh. Thank you for making this post, I just fell a few minutes ago and save for my full face I woulda cracked the back of my head. Protection matters :call_me_hand:

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would this be useful ? i live in a cold area and a the armored hoodie just isnt enough

This is what a face plant in a TSG Pass Carbon looks like, I’d hate to know what it looks like without it. Still hurt like a bitch.