community involvement

So as you guys know I’m always talking about how we should be ambassadors of our sport in other spheres in order to gain more community acceptance.

In light of this I recently volunteered to be a race course monitor for a half marathon over Labor Day weekend.

It worked out incredibly well - I was able to keep track of people behind me and in front of me easily, I was able to weave in and out of runners easily and got a lot of positive feedback from the runners themselves.

Plus I got to wear a high-vis and carry a bell.

So should you find yourself in the position to volunteer or otherwise participate in events not directly skate related I encourage you to do so.


My skate group was in our pride parade a few weeks ago, I couldn’t make it unfortunately but it looks like there was another electric rider with them

Race steward is a very cool idea though


I saw a guy the other day on an evolve board out filming a group of runners… the opportunities exist!


I did sweep for a kick skateboard race a long long time ago, actually had one injury and the last person in the race eventually picked the board up and walked it, so it was a pretty long day :slight_smile:

The guy doing video was on a regular board, but he probably has an esk8 by now.