College Commuter | First Board | 2WD

I’m planning a build to use at college as a commuter.

  • Board: Bustin Royce Pro
  • Trucks: Boardnamics 220mm Hangers & Adjustable Baseplates
  • Drive/Mount: Fatboy Mini Urethane Gear Drive V4 1:2.6
  • VESC: FlipSky Dual FSESC 6.6 Pro
  • Motor: Flipsky 6374 190kv
  • Battery: 18650 Samsung 30Q 10s4p
  • BMS: DieBieMS
  • Remote: Flipsky VX1
  • Bushings: 96a Barrels and Fatones
  • Wheels: 107mm Abec11 SuperFlys

For the battery, I am either going to use NESE or see if someone can spot weld it for me as I already have the BMS.

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Sounds like a great plan. Consider swapping from flipsky to a more trusted brand. They’re a budget company and have had some well documented QC issues.

What college you headed to and what’s your plan for your degree brother?

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I would be watching the neobox thread @zsanders61

Nice, esk8 is a great way to get around campus.

I don’t see an enclosure mentioned. I would sort that out first then see about fitting all your guts into it. The enclosure is the hardest part to source, IMO. Check this out for a couple diy options

It was sooo much work that I probably not do this again unless I really really like the deck and @BigBen or @eBoosted doesn’t already make one.

Good luck!


This; so much this :arrow_up: :smiley:

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I don’t know that these two are strictly compatible, the trucks are similar to caliber, but not quite the same. If this is your first board (maybe you just mean first DIY?), this is a heck of a high dollar setup to just jump right into. Board dynamics sells the trucks with mounts for belts. I would start with those, they’re solid, and you to gear drives later on if you decide belts aren’t good enough.

Thanks for the replies. I do plan on getting an enclosure or making one. Both @eBoosted and @BigBen seem like good options, and i would prefer to go that route. However, I don’t the either one of them has made one for the deck I am using, but I may be able to use a Jet Spud enclosure. I realize flipsky isn’t the best quality, and I originally planned on using Maytech motors. However, my parents already got me a motor from flipsky, and they don’t give refunds.

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I’ve got all of my components figured out and ordered except my battery and enclosure. I plan on making my own enclosure, and I would like to make a battery pack out of 40T cells. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to layout the cells, and I figured out a way to make it all fit. However, I’m not sure if it will work.

Will this layout work, or would it be better to do a double stack layout?

Those cells in the middle will be difficult to incorporate into the pack.

Yea I was about to ask: have you ever built a battery before?

Have you thought how your series and parallel connections will be laid out?


Yeah, I thought they might be. I’m just trying to avoid having to do a double stack and would like it to be a single stack.

What’s you dimensions?

If Our can fit 8 cells side by side. I’d recommend a 2px5p layout. Standard stuff really. You just need to turn the outer cells by 90’

8 cells side by side is doable, but I’m not sure what you mean by 2px5p. What does that look like?

Heya Zach, cool to see you here. Where about are you located? Might be able to get some help with that battery to avoid any issues.

Looking forward to see how this comes together!

Thanks. I’m in Indiana

I figured how to layout my cells for my battery and still have room for my BMS and VESC.

I would like to spot weld my battery, but I don’t know if the spot welders I have access to will work. If they don’t work, I will either build a 3D printed pack or see if someone will spot weld the p-groups for me.

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10s4p is large for a college commuter IMO… If you can hold out a little bit for higher voltage ESC’s I’d just go 14-16 s1p of S40T or MP42

that layout looks good. 10s4p is heavy, but can be done. cells on their own will be around 1.9 Kg

What spot welder do you have access to? Have you welded before?

No, I’ve never welded a battery before. I have access to an American Beauty 105-A3 and a home built spot welder. I saw @BluPenguin post yesterday as well, so I think I might do that. I realize 10s4p is large, but I’ve decided to make this more of a general cruiser instead of a small commuter.

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