CNC machined bushing cups - MAD ESK8

Hey guys,

I have been talking with Sabre Dynamics about introducing a machined bushing cup that fits the kingpin much tighter than a traditional bushing cup.

It will be similar to the array bushing cups but with an inner lip that will better prevent any rocking motion.

My experience is precision cups eliminate slop around he kingpin. This helps make the response of the trucks better and improves straight line stability. I now use them with all my trucks to include the Savage trucks.

The only issues is going to be the price. I would like to avoid manufacturing in China but that comes with additional cost. The current projected price is about $20 per set.

Who would be interested in a product like this?

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What bushing diameter would this be specifically for? They can vary right?

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Exway makes cnced washers that are super nice. It would be nice if you guys made them for different bushing shapes.


Initially, I would like to make them for standards barrels. Then cones and fat cones/barrels.

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Exway bushing cups are pretty well priced but the shipping cost is pretty steep.