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[Closed] [Global] Flipsky 6374 Motors & 2020 200A Enhanced Antispark

K00k flipsky

Super weird… I don’t know what it was… But trust me… Not my first rodeo… I looked everything… I mean EVERY-FUKKING-THING inside and outside the motors with a very wary eye… I mean I’m the one riding these…


Yeah according to the numbers you got a better motor. A fair bit actually, but again both the vesc motor detection and the manufacturing tolerances deviates quite a bit so I would not go crazy over them.
But according to the detection you got a 174Kv motor.


Those resistance values are quite low for the Kv, does a multimeter agree with those measurements?

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How can you tell the kv from that?

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this was all based on when the motor was locked… I haven’t re ran since

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May I ask which ESC and FW versions you’re using?
looking at your temperature traces, your motor temp. line is definitely a bit noisier than your ECS temps. but in reality not too bad at all…

looking at this:

and then this:

even though we have the worst situation of the sensor wire routing, at least they’re grouped together and running separately away from the other sensor wires…

I think I shall try running with the motor temperature sensor active and set to max and see what happens on FW5.01

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Running dual Neobox on 5.1, motors set at 75A

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thanks my brother…

I fergot you were in Jedbox mode…

I definitely should have remembered your misery from that thread…


Don’t worry, i don’t remember it either. Only when i have to work with them.


for anyone caring… these motors react very well to HFI (at least on the bench!!) it’s midnight here so I’m not about to go riding!!

:crazy_face: :recycle: :crazy_face:


How are these motors holding up so far?
Any bearing issues? Rattles? How many amps are you guys pushing through them?

Also, do keyways fit easily?

Keyways never fit properly, on mine I actually didn’t need to file but 90% of the time you have to file them a little.

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So far so good except that my one motor still screams like crazy at about 89% duty cycle and one or both not sure are clicking slightly when turning by hand. Not sure whats the cause.

Other than that they work well, temps are good.

I noticed… is it specific to flipsky or they never fit any motor ever?

@xsynatic vid of clicking? My 6354’s had similar symptoms, urethane and london roads worked together to kill my bearings, now i just ride until i die i guess

My maytechs have the worst time fitting keys. Always had to file them. Depends on the pulley too of course

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So apparently Flipsky motors are the bee’s knees. Much much cheaper relatively, but can we get more reviews on the 200A AS? I bought 3 but total came out around $150 but just found out Maytech had a $20 one…

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IIRC The maytech one is shit (Well maybe not shit. But Its not as good as the flipsky one) Also If you’d mentioned it I’d have sold you 3 at GB price given flipsky accidentally sold me another 50 which I anticipate I’ll never sell.

They’re really good imo. Push to start is worth 50$ alone for me personally, but not only that I’ve not heard a peep of unreliability from them, even on 12S I don’t think anyone’s had issues.

I am probably going to run another flipsky GB, because before I can get Stormcore in my kit boards I have to do a first batch with some other ESC so It’ll be the flipsky 6.6 dual (The reliable one not the shit one)


Gotta crank the volume up.

Thats me turning it by hand.

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Well shit. If I need more, I’ll definitely hit you up. I’ll definitely need one in a couple months.

And I’ll keep an eye out for that 6.6 dual GB. I think I’m in need of one sometime soon


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