CLAW MOUNT: Anti Sink Plate for GoPro | Lights | Footstops & More

Presenting the CLAW SYSTEM:

Anti Sink plate with Accessory Mount compatible with GoPro buckles.
Can be combined with Action/360 Cam’s, Lights (like shredlights) and in the future many other Accessoires that will be part of the claw system.

- Old School bolt pattern (fits most boards)
- Sand Blasted & Anodized Aluminium
- Works with countersunk screws

Available in three colours
Blue, Raw and Black with a limited amount of Blue!

More Instructions and Info here:

Available in the shop here:

Info/Instructional Video:


Wow! Super fancy, really slick. The packaging looks really professional too!


Super cool! Definitely need more anti-sink plates options in the market.


Why only old school pattern?

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Oil slick when?

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This is gorgeous Brian! Really nice work dude!


@ShutterShock @havenever @glyphiks
Thanks guys really appreciate it!

Prefer to keep it to one product, tried the slotted look to have both old and new school but didnt like the look. Since most boards use old school we went with that.

Maybe in the future if this batch goes well :wink:


They look fantastic!

Now all the reddit and facebook users can stop doing stuff like this


This is just a bit more organised :wink:


For all of you who purchased a mount since the launch thanks a lot! We are planning to ship all the orders together so if you want to get in on this weeks shipment be fast :wink: There is plenty of stock left, although there are just a few blue ones left!

Couldnt resist to snap some nice pics after the final inspection of the last parts yesterday. These are also ready for packaging now.

Here’s a picture with a GoPro 8 :ninja: planning to shoot some nice riding footage with a mount soon :love_you_gesture: too bad I cant do a kickflip though that would be a cool clip.


Printed a footstop prototype, next up machining to actually test the feel. If anyone has feedback lets hear it!

Also thought about something similar to this as a grab handle/bash guard. This would also fit on the claw mount :love_you_gesture:


Omg that’s genius :exploding_head: No extra holes being drilled in the deck! I love it :smiley:

Haven’t ever used a footstop myself, but I assume people prefer angled ones for the front.

P.S. At first I thought it was a handle for your board, like the duck ones I shared right above :smile:


Flip the footstop and you got yourself a handle if your boards nose isn’t gigantic like the one above. :smiley:


Thats the beauty of his design here. The convex arc means you’re only touching it at a small point, regardless of the angle of your foot.


In downhill most people run convex too for the reason @glyphiks mentioned. Even if you were to reposition your foot slightly there would still be a point touching the stop without getting unconfortable.

And yes you can flip it and use it as a handle /bashguard too, just have to tune the length for the most common boards like @xsynatic mentioned.
@rusins what thane deck do you have? Since you already have a claw mount and will get another one I could send you a printed footstop/handle for testing with your deck.


Could you point it off the back and have a kick tail?


Interesting idea haha! Would probably work but needs a beefier plate. You could probably make a design for a 4mm steel plate with two holes for the bolts, send that to sendcutsend and simply attach it to the claw mount.

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Yes!! This is sweet. The things you could attach to them could be endless!


Don’t have a flat one at the moment that would benefit from a footstop. In the future maybe!

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No probs i’ll find a deck to test it on :ok_hand:

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