Chinesium MTNBOARD Truck Deconstruction help

I’m sure some of you guys are familiar with the chinesium Matrix I clone trucks.

Say what you will about them, but they’ve survived years of abuse from myself and one of the guys at Skatemetric (patriot mtnboard build)…until now.

I noticed one of my rear trucks had one of the set screws backing out. Upon further inspection I found that the bolt hole was stripped out and that the axle would turn when I would crank on it to remove the the axle nut to remove the wheel.

Basically I want to know how to pull the axle shafts out of the truck, but don’t have any real idea how they are assembled.


Edit: I’m also interested to see what other trucks/compatible motor mount are out there. I know about trampa trucks, matrix IIs and a few random ones, but am open to suggestions.

Should be a set screw on the top of the hanger, then the axles will pull out or thread out

Loosen this grub screw

did that but not sure whether the axle is threaded in or pressed in

Is there any flats on the axle you can clamp on?

Potentially yeah

Try to twist it loose first, put a piece of tape against the end of the hanger so you can see if it’s spinning in place or threading out

Make sure you’re clamping hella tight or you’ll roll the metal and it won’t go back

Well I already rigged a set screw. I also used some loctite red/ jb weld epoxy on certain parts, so probably won’t mess with this truck anymore. I had to use it today, so did all of that last night.

I was mainly asking because I have another set coming and either want to make them bombproof or be able to fix them if I have a similar issue in the future.

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