China 21700 Cell Performance Table

Here are the results of my recent testing of several China-manufactured 21700 cells and their basic specs. Choose the one that performs the best (highest E-Score) at the current level you will run them at.

Note that two of these cells have bottom vents. I recommend not blocking those vents or pressing hard against them during use.

I will post my overall recommendations for 21700’s in a day or two.

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Awesome chart, excuse me for being thick (maybe) but why doesn’t the 2170LA have a room temp discharge rating?

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You’ll have to ask Lishen why there’s no room-temp-only rating. :slightly_smiling_face:
The temp-limited one is a room temp rating I guess but it also gives you the max possible rate.

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This is a great overview of these cells! Love the format. Can’t wait for the overall 21700 (esk8/EV specific?) recommendations :slight_smile:

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No need to be usage specific as these cells don’t know what they’re operating in and the relative performance differences between the cells change verrry little for continuous vs pulsed use (including different types and lengths of pulsing). :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol I see well the pack I bought them for is for a shortboard, and it’s 4P so I’m only gonna set it at like 50A battery anyways

I’ll have tons of headroom

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might have to pick up some more lishen cells for my vape too, it’s like a new 30T

Not close to the 30T but getting close to the P42A.

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