Cheap replacement 8' & 9' tires

Hey just wondering where veryone gets their tires from. im yet to finish my build for my board and i was looking around the forums and it seems people are replacing their tires every 2-4 weeks this is quite expensive since they are about $120 a set

Is anyone buying them from china or other sites at a heavily discounted price? i currently have 8’ MBS tires on but i was looking at geting some 9’ for more top speed on my setup.

let me know what you guys have found please.

€ 3,98 12%OFF | free shipping 200x50 Tire Tyre and Inner tube For Electic Scooter Motorcycle ATV Moped Parts
You’ll get a similar tire to MBS Vine but from nylon. Meaning they will last at least 4k miles. @DerelictRobot can confirm.


So cheap…


is that actually 3.98?

It’s 12 for tire+tube

interesting mine says 14 and thats in USD i gota convert again to AUD

Still it’s a great deal since you’ll change them rarely

Just found this…tubeless 8“ :thinking::thinking::thinking:
No flat tires anymore :joy:

true. i may have to give them a go when i get my board up and running

I bet they are 1kg each

I would guess 600-800g