Charging without BMS?

So when I was assembling my battery I accidentaly made a big solder blob of a joint, resulting in a short in my BMS. It is useless now, but it is the last part I need in my build that has been going on for over a month. So I was wondering if it is possible to charge without the bms? Just for about 2-3 cycles until my BMS arrives in about 2-3 weeks.

If it is possible, would work if I just hook up the chargeport to the negative and positive terminal of the battery?


It depends, but 2-3 cycles should be fine. Just dont ride to your cutoff voltage, and if you can, dont charge to full voltage. Shoot for about 4.1v per cell.

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Thanks for the advice. Would the method of just attaching the chargeport to the terminals of the battery work?

This method will work. I have run my 10s 4p 30q battery for, at least, a year without a BMS without an issue. Not that I advocate this. I have other boards with BMS’s.


Same here, but it’s always good to check every week to see if they are indeed balanced

Quality cells in a pack built right (so all cells have a evenly distributed current) doesn’t go out of balance quickly

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Thank you. This is only a temporary solution until I get my BMS from China. But the itch to ride my build is so damn high that I simply cannot wait for it to arrive.

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