Charging port soldering help!

My charging port just broke I need to solder it back but I’m a total ass when it comes to electricity.
Red to what, black to what???

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To one panda from another…
-Check the polarity of your charger and make sure you wire your input jack the same way.
-Red wire for positive, black for negative
-Aren’t these inputs up to 1A only though?
-How did your old input jack break?


Hello Panda,

The female plug solder broke
I know for the red an black being positive and negative
What I don’t know is where on the above plug I should solder my red and black wires…


The schematics says pin 2 and 3 are connected.

That leaves you to connect positive to either pin 5 or 2-3. Its dumb to do this wrong, thats why I suggest you to check the charger outlet first before solder this wrong and start a fire.

I “believe” pin 5 should be positive, but i dont know your charger and for my guitar stompboxes, pin 5 on these plugs are the negative.

Edit: I wrote the opposite of what I ment. Now fixed
Edit: I mixed up positive and negative… language barrier :roll_eyes:. I Now fixed

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Ok thanks, I’ll check my charger but I’m not sure if there’s anything written on the plug…

Plug your charger and measure the voltage like in the picture. If it is a positive voltage, then red positive wire goes to pin 5. (Assuming the probe wires of your multimeter is plugged in correctly)


No multimeter…
I know, I’m a pain :sweat_smile:

I have an info from the factory:
“The center of the DC jack is positive and the outer part is negative”
Which would mean pin 5 is the positive


4153412281. Call me if you’re still in a bind. I can walk you through it.

But you’re doing yourself a miss service by not having a voltmeter

There are ways.


You are correct :+1:

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Take a staple or paperclip
Short this out with charger connected

When you smell ozone and see / hear a short. Your done

Positive is the one with a rivet .


The problem is I have seen at least 2 versions of this plug where pin 2 was positive, on another pin 2 was neutral.

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  1. Don’t do this without a multimeter. Just don’t.
  2. These plastic charge ports are absolute garbage.

Yes. The ports are shit. Good for 2 amps max

These are my favorite. Cheap. Even Amazon has them. I go 6 amps all day with no heating, assuming your charger tip is not garbage


Yeah I’ll change this crappy port
Rivet is positive
I got a multimeter
Thanks all of you!