Charging and storing batteries, how to not risk to burn the house?


We are buying or building quite big batteries for our boards…

How do you charge and store your batteries? I heard Lipo batteries might be more dangerous but if a problem arise with a Li-ion battery it could also burst into flames…

Do you use any fire safe box for charging or storing batteries or your whole board? What would you recommend?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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The best strategy is to build or buy a high-quality and safer battery and charger from the beginning.


No place special, just away from heat and cold.

  • Buy a good battery and charger and don’t abuse them.
  • Charge only when you are around and awake.
  • Don’t charge the pack if it’s hot or cold.
  • Pay careful attention to your ESC and/or BMS settings to make sure your pack cannot be overdischarged (part of that don’t abuse it stuff).
  • Keep the board in a place where it can’t burn down the house if the pack catches fire.

The odds of anything bad happening are very low if you bought decent stuff but it doesn’t take too much effort to make sure even if that one-in-a-million thing happens that it won’t be a disaster for you.


At some point in the future, I’d be very appreciative if you would make a thread about different chargers and what makes one better/safer than another.

It’s a very un-touched topic here.


recently was told wate is top and i asked how i defered to yzpower and he sort of just told me it is. still trying to get more info or get my hands on some sort of adjustable power supply

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Thank you for your reply! I would love buying a nice li-ion pack from respected brand but that do not seem available. It seems I have to pay someone to solder and assemble the battery. For example, Apex boards sells batteries to europe only and can not ship to Canada.

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My builds always have multiple fuses so there is no single failure that could short the battery. Fuse between Battery and BMS, Fuse from the BMS to the charge port and a Fuse inside the charger.

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Thank you for your reply! I agree that buying quality stuff is important. I would like to know what 4a 12s charger to buy. I only de found some on aliexpress and amazon and i dont really know what is best. And for the battery i feel that i have to trust another diy battery builder since i do not have the knowlefge at the moment. So the safest solution seems to store and charge the board in a safe place if it catch fire…

Sorry, I don’t have any charger recommendations but it might be worth a search here to see which ones others use.

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yzpower and wate on aliexpress are both pretty good but can be quite chunky

@anubis sells some

Car boot?

wrap it in some non flammable material and put it inside your enclosure?


The safest charger is one that has 80,90,100 percent charge. Then usually, charge to 80%, unless you are going far. Then, dont run it till it is dead.

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