| Making mapping PowerPoints all around the world easy!

Making is easy to map and share Power Points all across the world

Heyo! :wave: Tom here lead dev and owner of Im based in Melbourne and recently I broke my foot in 3 places so ive been at a bit of a loose end. This project has been somthing ive wanted to do for awhile but after this injury it finally gave me the motivation to complete it. So, I’m incredibly excited to be announcing that ChargeMyPEV has just been launched to the public! It is its first version so please bare in mind that there may be bugs. If you do find one either reply to the thread with it or shoot me a dm here. I hope you like it.

What is ChargeMyPEV ?

ChargeMyPEV is an easy way for people to add and share the places they use to charge their pevs. It is designed to be as simple and accessible as possible.

ChargeMyPEV in its current state does exactly what is described above but a website like this cannot work without the help of the wonderful eskate community! For this project to be successful it will rely on the community contributing and without this it wont be able to be success. You can add points via the add point form. You can find the button at the top of the home page as well as most of the other pages.

Now I’m aware that this isn’t entirely a new concept. I know that NYCEboarding have a charge map and I just want to make this clear that I’m not trying to rip anyone of or steal anyone’s idea. I only wanted to create a website that is free and accessible to everyone no matter what country, city or group.

ChargeMyPEV will NEVER cost money nor will it ever be required for you to donate to use it. I understand this isn’t a sustainable business model but I believe that something like this should not cost moeny as is completely defeats the purpose of the website to begin with.

If you find any issues with the website or have any other concern regarding it you can contact me here on the forum or at

Current Version information:

  • As im sure you can see the map at this point is a it bare but soon I hope that it will be filled with more points from arround the globe

ChargeMyPEV V1.1

  • Interactive mapbox map which users can submit points to be added to through the add point page
  • Optimized for mobile and desktop
  • Current Location shown with the click of a button

Planned features for next release:

  • Get directions button under each point
  • Making process fully automated (no need for data to be updated manually)

Thanks for taking the time to read this post I hope that ChargeMyPEV can be of use to you or someone you know.



Honestly I don’t ride outside my range anyways, but im in board with this for no other reason than I feel it could help me meet other local riders, and that in of itself is awesome.
I dont know if its there but add an option to add notes about said charge spots if it isn’t. And, server space applicable, user accounts and messaging could make this a game changer. I understand the mindset that this shouldn’t cost money but I would pay money for it if it served those basic functions, and if you could find an inonobtrusive method of ad based funding(banners, maybe pop ups, never videos, the basic app business plan) it could be a very convenient and useful service.


Love this. Mario and I rode earlier this week and needed to stop and charge, we couldn’t find any public/outside outlets near the area we decided to eat (Yeah yeah I know @fessyfoo I should just build a bigger pack). This idea is incredible because it would’ve saved us the extra time to know where a charge spot was and how close too one we were/food in surrounding areas once one is located.


See thats why I say it needs notes. Then you can drop stuff like “can charge but must buy food.” That’s important. Also definitely look into ad funding. No videos they suck. But im sure we’d all buy out to support you and that would keep your it should be free mentality intact! I’ll map palm beach for you myself lmao


So @Kai in the add point section there is a details section - thats for info like that. Ill look into ads but i personally dont like the idea. Maybe eskate realted ads sure.

Its great to hear the support of people so far.

I think an accounts system and a chat system are great ideas. Ill look into adding them in the next release. Will need to step up my code game tho 0_o


Oh this is awesome. Here’s another useful link

You should add the ability to view satellite maps, makes it easier to pinpoint

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Great idea. I can prolly implement this pretty soon. sooner than new features is

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I’ve now actually checked out the site. Yes you can add a note when you drop the point, but then its just there, forever. With a user base it’ll get cluttered. Multiple users need to be able to add separate notes about a place. I view this as a digital version of hobos dropping eachother notes on the railway.


Ah ok yeah that makes more sense. Ill look into adding that aswell

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if this does take off its basically a locational forum, in a way. Long term it may be of interest to actually have locals in hot areas moderate. Where I live I don’t think the esk8 scene is big, but San Diego would quickly become an indecipherable mess of red dots if this caught on there. Again why I suggest looking into actually funding this. It has really serious potential, but its very complicated.


If this get ahold in the SD ESK8 facebook groups, yes, it could become crazy.

I could see people using it for sure

Hmm yeah the idea of moderators is actually rlly good. Really the only thing it needs now is the input of others. Like atm the structure is there it just needs to be filled in. Otherwise it becomes useless

I guess so yeah. If you want to feel free to chuck it wherever the website just needs promotion really.

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Unless you’re just looking for a coding project for the sake of coding (which would be a pretty nice goal as well), wouldn’t you be better off just either adding an out of the box solution like Discourse that this forum uses? Depending on compatibility it may make sense to either

  1. Build a customisable map (like you’ve already done?), and plug a user/messaging function in
  2. Deploy a boxed “forum” or something similarly overkill, and plug an existing mapping thing into it
  3. Deploy a forum and build the mapping function around it if you prefer/nothing viable exists

Looks really cool! I’m also with you on keeping it free, it seems like it’s probably sustainable on voluntary donations unless you go for commercial software licenses? But then again I’m not a developer

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I have used the plugshare app to find regular outlets, but it doesn’t list very many… and it’s about car charging.

still it’s a decent app to snag ideas from.

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I hadn’t actually thought of that. It’s just probably easier than building a new system from the ground up but yeah I’ll look into it.

Also if anyone has anymore data from your area eg a map your local group might use. Let me know so I can add it to the database

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Hey everyone, dead thread ik

Just thought id say that the domain and web hosting for ChargeMyPEV expire at the end of today. I will be making the source available on my github if anyone is interested.

Thanks for your time

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