Charge skateboard with MacBook charger. Done

Feeler. Universal USB-c charger that it’s smaller then a pack of cigarettes.

Slow but for to keep inside you Skateboard or in your pocket.

USBC is limited to 100 watts, but most chargers are 90 watts. Loose 10 percent to heat

No more bulky brick chargers when sleeping over somewhere.

Can also charge of a cigarette lighter.

$45. BOM is half that from China


Panel mount a xt-60 as the main breakout :slight_smile:

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More details? Output voltage adjustable?

This is such an awesome concept if expanded.

All universal input (all usb formats, and other common ports) as an emergency charger…


Xt60 maybe. Buy it’s a tight squeeze in that tiny aluminum enclosure.


Im a little confused, are you selling these ? You made a few and now your selling?
or will there be a BOM posted with a design?
are you building them to ordeR?

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Hmm. If it has to be external, id still prefer XT-60 to a barrel jack hardwired external.

XT-30 is well within required specs. I know they sell panel mounts for them, but not sure of current availability

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Constant current adjustable voltage. Historically have had to use USBC microprocessors and query them with the laptop to request 12 15 or 20 volts.

Now anyone can buy generic USB C triggers that work pretty damn well for under 10 bucks.

The concept is simple, take a DC voltage and double or 10 times with a booster .

Bringing to market has been difficult. I’m much too busy withy regular job. I could however make a few dozen. But I’d be burnt out on it

Who has some contacts where I can just send them the bom and make them do all the work and Fab I’m china.


paging @jeffwuneo. I’ll bet he could get these to us for real cheap.

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@jeffwuneo is your contact


I’ve never found and xt30 panel mount. Just xt60.

JST connectors are more within the size needed. I’ve put female 5.5*2.1 in my prototypes. Xt-60 is common,. I agree. Just huge. These enclosures are tiny.

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I’m not sure what the hell I’m doing.

My dream is to invest a few grand and then have a product to show for and sell and feel special


If you do fab in China they’ll have slightly more streamlined xt-30 panel mounts available


That sounds lovely, just don’t hand it off to china to develop.
What sort of design files do you have?
Is this just various components soldered together or is there a PCB underneath?

This is always teh hardest part. Going from a few prototypes to a producable pricut

If you want to share, I’m really interested what boost converter you used to get from 20v to 13s voltage?


It’s just Amazon or AliExpress shit inside


Here is v5


phhhooooo, my best suggestion for a next step would be to move everything to a single PCB (EasyEDA) and a BOM. Then find a manufacturer. / take the leap to large scale. Buuuuut I also dont know what Im talkign about


Oh interesting. How did you get that to go over 50v? I thought that chip is limited to below that

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I don’t have shit. I tried to make a Gerber. But not that smart. College didn’t teach me that