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Changed transmitter, 15% savings on watt-hours wtf?!?

I had a spectrum transmitter/receiver, changed over last night to a mini-remote.
My commute to work is really consistent. 98 watt hours+/-5.
This morning my commute took 82 watt hours… I can’t think of a good reason why the transmitter change made such a significant economy change.
From what I can see of the transmission in the vesc-tool setup wizard, the broadcast from transmitter is about the same. the only thing I changed in motor controller was to calibrate for this controller, same as I had done for the spectrum.
Theories? and if you have one, suggestions on how to test? thanks!

Reason for changing is a skittish transit cop – the hopped-up mall cop put his hand on his weapon as I was walking past – it was obvious from what he was looking at, that he thought my remote might be a gun. Personally, i think someone needs to take some Xanax or indulge in some of the relaxing things that Denver has to offer, rather than being that much on edge that a fat middle-aged dude with a skate board almost has you drawing.
I prefer the spectrum remote, but I’d rather change than die fulfilling some meat-head’s hero fantasy


Probably not as comfortable with the remote so you rode less aggressive…


cool remote OP. are all the other buttons programmable?


I like the theory, if so, I’ll see a return to normal over the next couple of days. I’ll keep watching

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nice, apparently the transmitter i used to use should be spelled ‘Spektrum’

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Spektrum was the first one to come out w a remote that doesn’t use “crystals” back in the day for RC racing. It was a game changer w connection reliability. We didn’t have to tell, “who’s on green or who’s on 15” anymore. It’s a little overkill for ek8.

I thought of using my sanwa mt44 for esk8 but it was too big