Carvon V4 SpeedDrive R - 2

They are new, never installed or powered up. I had hopes of building a 4wd board but life got in the way

$700 + shipping per or $1,350 + shipping for both



No interest here at all?

I’m sure somebody will come along at some point but especially now that Jerry took off; it makes more sense to buy the TBDD’s which have good customer service since they’re around the same price. Good drives nonetheless.


looks like this guys also having trouble selling them. half or your asking price too:

Ha maybe building the board I had planned is a better idea!


I’ve got a single set of speeddrives, let me tell you you won’t be dissapointed.

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Well I am very interested!!!

Will ship them anywhere in the lower 48 for free.

$700 per or $1,350 for both