Carver33.75|Duel Vesc4.2|190kv motor's|10s4p25r|12 inch DKP trucks|97mm

Hey guys first post here and it’s my second build.
The first one is a MTB so this time I wanted a lightweight street board.
The main idea was to create replica of evolve stoke but with real power of diy product so lets talk about the part list:

Carver Green Room deck 33.75/9 7/8
12 inch DKP truck
1/2 riser
owenboard motor mount
97mm wheel abec core Mboard
case is from Mboard
Red’s bearings
Evolve 38T pully
12T Motor pully

FLIPSKY 4.2 Duel Vesc
Vx1 remote controller
Turnigy SK3 6364 190kv motor’s
10S4P from 25R cell’s
280A Antispark

so lets show you some picture of the carver

after first ride i can tell the specs are
42kmh top speed
31km range and still got 15 precent left.
and the dkp trucks are graet at high speed .


High, welcome to the forum. Congratulations on being chosen as new person of the day. What kind of cereal do you like?


CLEAN! Nice work.

You have a thread or pics of you mtb you built?

I will upload some pic of the MTB today

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do you like your yogurt with fruit at the bottom or mixed in @Danzis?

Nice build! what was the total cost?

Bit less then 1000$. I live in israel so the shipping costs is higher then to us and Europe .

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