CarveNYC (10/14-10/16) Featuring Group Rides, Broadway Bomb, And Night Races!

sup fuckers, get ready to mark your calendars!
PEVNYC is hosting a 3 day esk8 event on the weekend of Broadway bomb! Group rides start Friday (10/14) afternoon and will continue through the weekend!
Ride hosts include me, @TY37z, @hoytkid and a few others.
If you’re wondering who the handsome gentleman is in the picture, it’s me, duh.
We have loads of sponsors on board that will be giving away lots of cool shit :eyes: We’re finalizing our plans but announcements will be made on the Carve_NYC instagram page and here. We’re aiming for about 2-3 rides a day with some other fun events mixed in!

All rides are under 15 miles so everyone will be able to make it!
Everyone is welcome. Eucs, scooters, bikes.


Can i bring my tesla board to the ride XD

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If you can make a right hand turn at a light sure.


u can charge everyone’s board and still have enough juice left for the remaining days

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Big props to you Evan! I’m definitely gonna be there, super excited to go to NYC for the first time.

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I’m going to see if I can make this.

Someone lend me a board, please?

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Where in NYC is this gonna be? I think this is my sign to put hours into the Evo build

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Manhattan mostly.


I would love to lend you a board but I literally can’t guarantee that it will be ready for you. The one board I have that would work for you is nowhere near done

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@hoytkid I expect an XLR waiting for me at the airport.


How about I bring you the dual hub Pramayana :yum:

Definitely can’t afford to come but sounds awesome!

If I can’t make it to carve next year maybe I’ll make it to this ;p

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I gotchu fam.


For anyone interested in the books of the face, here’s more event info. Redirecting...

You mean uav :sweat_smile::raised_hands:

Alright people

I’ve been pretty quiet, but everything is now sorted out and ready. We have tons of rides planned and prizes ready!

Here are the prizes for the main event :wink:


Annodized tires??! We have metal tires now? What in the 2065 is this?

Jk this is cool lol

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well yeah just ride on the hubs lmao

We on that new age space tires for the moon. Anodized wire mesh.