Carbon flexi enclosure builders or single stack enclosure vendor

I’m looking for a 12s5p single stack flexi enclosure please or someone to make one. I’m in the uk

@bigben UK based. Can you help this guy?

He would definitely need some more info… What deck is it for?

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It’s big.320mm wide and 1200 long


I would like to see that deck. That’s extremely large.

12s5p will fit in definitely :joy:

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Drpoppinoff on Insta check the videos it’s a beast. Follow so I can fill back. Is big Ben on Insta?

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Check the videos on Insta it carves spook well drpoppinoff

Ahhh you are that guy. It’s too large for my taste. But what’s interesting me is why 12s5p with that much real estate?

12s is fast enough for me. And I rarely do more than 10 or 15 miles so it keeps the board nice n light


Link for the lazy

Probably going to need a segmented enclosure if it’s that flexy. Probably going to be costly getting that done custom, but let’s see what Ben says!


Thx man

I have nothing that would lend itself to what you need. @Rad may have made something that might fit your purposes perhaps? To get something custom would not be cheap. I wonder if the modular kydex type enclosures that a chap was starting making a while back may also fit. I can’t remember the name of them but I know @Pulja had a couple for sale in the UK.

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Benchmark is double stack I want single! Not cheap? How much we talking? Where r u in the country? Could bring board n battery pack y
To you

It’s double stack. Need simgle

You need to understand that what you are looking for likely doesn’t exist in a commercial manner and it’s highly probable that you’re either going to need to make your own or pay a pretty penny for a custom.

Just because said vendors don’t have exactly what you are looking for, does not necessarily mean they can’t be persuaded by cash.