carbon and wood deck 40” $125 in USA

carbon and stained maple and bamboo

Made for eskate with cutout on bottom for electronics.

PayPal to and add ur name and address there

These are likely the last of these that will be made or sold.


Great price.
Really wish I was in a place where I could replace the Hummie deck I had to sell earlier this year.


get your slice, send me some crumbs, and ship it over and i’ll get you another.


Man im still selling skateboard parts to buy dippers lol


diapers? ooo noooo. that’s the death of the eskate life.


Is it 145USD for deck and enclosure and shipping in EU?

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wait is this now 90 with the enclosure and pre drill?!

It’s 90 usd for deck only of you pick it up.
125usd deck and shipping.
195 usd for deck and enclosure and it includes shipping in Us.
If you want enclosure hardware add 40 usd to the 195…

Europe peeps…
145 usd deck only but includes shipping…
215 usd deck and enclosure.shipping included. If you want enclosure hardware add 40 to the 215.
rest of world shipping add 40usd onto EU shipping price.

It takes a while before you learn how to speak hummie. But once you mastered it you can conquer the world


ok thank you still a fucking steal


Top quality! Both deck and enclosure

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What is the timeline on these now with the indiegogo done for?

I kinda want one, but have no plans for it if I get it.

Hummie, what do you think the future is for enclosures? Say I bought just the deck and a year down the line had the ability to electrify it, think I would have trouble sourcing an enclosure?

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What is the cutout on these?

Still waiting for the money back from indiegogo. They did charge my card so I have to wait for it to come back. Filled the form and will paypal you once I get the money back

this happens whenever enough money is rounded up for the 50 deck order. it’s worth getting even if you have no plans…always good to have no matter what the situation.

ben is doing the boxes and the future depends on if he still does them. I actually think its too stiff and overkill in my mind. but still kydex always breaks, every one ive ever known. this thing I think you could bottom out a speed bump if you unweighted the board and be ok. i bet you could slide around on bens box on a rail or something. Id rather he do it either with more unidirectional glass or something to make it flex more or make it thinner. what you think?

the cutout i’ll post on the form. 585x145x13mm (form following and three dimensional done on 3d mill)


Can’t be too strong. No such thing


I think you’re fucking rude John and if I was Ben I’d be at the end of my tether with your flip flopping bullshit. He’s a very patient man, clearly.


no one has to do anything they don’t want to. if i fuck around forever doing a kickstarter and trying to figure out how to do it… so be it. i don’t know exactly what youre even talking about but sounds petty. if someone has a problem and doesn’t want to work with me that’s them and me.

i think i owe ben a board and box and maybe i still owe @Sender some bucks but was paying that back if not already i forget. im not as up on taking care of those things. i also have no customers that have a problem with me as far as i know. …if ben doesn’t want to do the boxes…@ben. ? that’s fine and find someone to.


@BigBen ^^^