Carbo (12s3p 40T)

So I’ve been making diy boards for a few years, and I think this is my best one so far.

parts list:
Deck: got it from Chinese second-hand market, never seen it before.
Battery: 12s3p 40t with daly smart bms
ESC: focbox unity
Motor: 6368 170kv
Rims: custom made
Tires: 7in evolve
Trucks: also from second hand market (i think flipsky sells those)

I currently run 85a phase on both motors
The deck feels incredible, very precise power transfer, phly problem I’m having at the moment is that hall sensor on one of the motors is broke and i don’t feel like fixing it so I’m using HFI.


Ive also got 3 more builds if y’all are interested.

  1. 12s10p AWD “mountainboard” (it weights a ton)
  2. 12s 16000mah lipo 2wd mountainboard with a super flexy deck
  3. 12s3p boosted mini with hobbywing esc + motors

let me know which one you’d like to see next!


This sounds very familiar haha. I would love to see it!


The battery box serves more as a trunk, i can fit a small toolbox, charger, a change of shirt and there’s still room😂 my friends make fun of it all the time but it’s convenient at least in my eyes.


Same boat, dude