can't locate VESCtool app

Is the app no longer on google play? I just got a new phone and can’t find it on the play store and when I click the link on the VESC website it opens the play store and says “try again”.

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I think you can download and side load the app from vedders website.

There was a mention that the most recent version wasn’t compliant with some Google requirement for external storage

Any chance you got a link? The vedder site you mention is diff from the VESCtool site?

It’s free, but you have to add it to a shopping cart to download it. It’s really stupid.


Thank you! Got it. I did donate for I think the silver version so it might’ve been on my account but this worked. Good look.

Well, I guess not. Duck this piece of shit phone, it’s going back…

You need to open the .zip, inside there is the apk.

I would recommend Zarchiver


Wow. That never even occurred to me about needing to download a program to unzip it. My last phone would just do it… I are feel dumb.