can't fix drive pulley wobble

Hello there first time making a post so bare with me. Anyways I’ve been having trouble with pulley wobble on my drive wheel. I’ve tried using a different wheel (same set just used the front wheel) and screwed the bolts in several different patterns. The wheels I use is a 83mm Abec wheels and the pulley both made by torque boards. Any info would be very helpful :slight_smile:

A lot of precision on the initial placement, and tightening the bolts down slowly in a star pattern is required to get a centered placement on bolt-on pulleys.

It’s a real PITA.

That’s why people recommend push-fit pulleys which have their own bearing to align themselves on the hanger axle. It’s 10$ more or so, but 100% worth it to avoid the troubles.


looking back i shoulda just went with that path the first.time :sweat_smile:. thank you :slight_smile:

This is your problem.

Use a pulley with inserts instead of bolts.

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