[CAN] WTB 2x single VESC anything based on VESC 6

Looking for 2x single VESC that can handle FOC and other VESC6 features like high precision sensor reading and such.

Budget is $250CAD plus whatever shipping will be.

Hoping to get something faster than importing it form the states or China.


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wrong category

I’m looking for used parts and there is no “buying used parts” category, only one for selling. I chose the category closest to what applies as per the forum guidelines.

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Parts wanted category inside parts market! It’s pink!


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Parts wanted is generalized.

But you are buying, not selling. Selling has nothing to do with wanting.

Please don’t make it harder than it has to be.

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Ahh I see, sorry I was looking for a “Buying Used Parts” when I saw “Selling Used Parts”