[CAN/US] Garage sale: 2x Focbox V1.6 and lots of misc stuff

Located in Montreal Canada.
I’m cleaning out all the stuff i do not currently have a use for. Batteries are for local pickup only. All prices in USD without shipping. Prices are open for negotiations. I can reduce price/include shipping to the US when things are bought in a bundle. Paypal fees not included.


thats a good deal honestly

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@TheMrLarin you still have the charge cable for the old remote? If yes I’m interested. I’m in Canada too so shipping won’t be a bear.

Yeah I still have the charge cable for the maytec remote

PMing for the MBS stuff

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Pm’im for the sk8’s and 9 inch tires

best price on the focboxes

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I’d want those batteries if you were in the states. @Flasher look it’s already in Canada!

What’s the shaft diameter on the SK8 Turningy 6374 motors?

As of now everything is sold except the Nano-x and the backfire battery pack

I have 2 focbox 1.6s if anybody needs them let me know

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