Can these trucks be used for an MTB

So, I’ve been thinking about getting this board lately. But I just don’t know if it can be converted into an electric board.
(I already have the electronic parts I would just need the mounting hardware)


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Hahaha, thank you in advance

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@idea might still sell or be able to make clamps for these. The plastic baseplate always scares me :grimacing:

Where’s the piccccc

I snapped the ats12s so I didn’t post it

These are MBS Matrix 1 trucks, suitable for MTB board

I have motor mounts for such trucks

and hub pulleys, motor pulleys and belts if you also need

ahhh thank you very much. I’ll make sure to check it out

Oh! I thought that’s that truck

I take it back then!

For some reason I can only find the Matrix 2 and 3 it might just be my bad serching skills but idk

The seller says its an official board from MTB a comp 95

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These trucks have not been manufactured for several years but they are great. If you damage the base plate you can buy it because it is still available in the MBS store

ahhh, wait, so you don’t sell the motor mounts?

The metal top trucks will also work with the matrix 1. Highly recommend upgrading from the get go


I’m selling, but I haven’t added this type of mount in the store… but I think I’ll do it today :slight_smile:

Now I have a price reduction -15% on everything so you will be able to buy cheaper :slight_smile:

Motor mounts – eFreedom

When I add this type of mount to the site I’ll let you know

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ahh thank you thank you. last question, do you have norwegian moms/toll accounted in your prices or are you on the VOEC list?

If you live in Norway there is a little problem

To quote the description from DAVEGA

"We currently only ship to the UK and Norway if the value of the goods exceeds 135 GBP / 3000 NOK. Orders with a lower value will be refunded.

This is due to import VAT regulations in these countries for sales below 135 GBP / 3000 NOK respectively, in which case the company is required to collect and pay VAT. This is a significant administrative surcharge that we cannot take on."

3,000 NOK is approximately 260 euros. The shipping cost is about 30 euros, so you would have to order parts for about 230 euros :confused:

The motor mounts themselves cost around 110 Euro (per pair)
Shipping cost by Fedex 30 EUro

ahhh. That’s a shame

If you also need hub pulleys, motor pulleys and belts, the whole thing may cost around 260 Euro.

Let me know if you also need a belt drive and I will calculate the entire set for you

I’m gonna actually do some looking around myself because I think I’m gonna need an ESC box too. but I don’t know anymore. I just need to check first

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