Can someone tell me what im doing wrong with the moon drives?

Sooo. I have moon drives the newest batch and trampa mega star hubs. I have to use a rubber mallet to get the hubs on and its like a huge pain the the butt to pull them off. Says on their website they work with this hub so why is it so tite?

these are the holes the bolts are going into.

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Maybe I’m misunderstanding but aren’t the hubs supposed to bolt into the threaded holes, not the slot?


yeah idk why those slots are there, but these arent BN drives. They bolt into the adapter

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They dont line up with those bolt holes ether iv tried that just striped them out unless im doing it wrong

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one of the holes is trampa and the other one is MBS. Should fit into one

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Ill try again but when i tried that they did not line up if so ill just buy another plate sense i messed them threads up.

Thanks for the help.