Can someone help me swap tubes in my 6 shooters without cutting the valve stem???

I need help. This board was the biggest waste of money I’ve ever got myself into.


I sanded down the area but any tips/tricks would be dopppppeeeee.

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You’ll probably have to Dremel out the area to make it a bit wider. The sandpaper probably isn’t enough. This is a very common issue with these.

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I’m confused, the sixshooters splits into two sides when you take out the six bolts. Shouldn’t new tube have new valve stems?

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Yup, and the razor sharp edges and bad sizing slice the new stems.

ohhhh. Definitely dremel to round that out, It would take a lot of sand paper

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A file might work too if you don’t have a dremel.


After dremeling out the valve stem area you can wrap some electrical tape around the stem to help