Can forwarding on Davga

I have a dual vesc. @janpom
Only using one motor on it.
5.3 firmware
Rx and tx on the motor side are used for PAS pedal assist. (Ebike pedal assist)

I have a Davga uart display hooked up to the second side ( motor unused). The uart is showing the voltage but no speed since there is no data to show since I’m not using the motor on that side of the dual vesc.

Both show up on a canbus sweep.

Any way to get the speed to show?

Hook up the dual vesc phase wires together and run .001 amps motor current :upside_down_face:?

It’s looking for input from the motor sensor wires, not phase wiring. Not sure what would happen if you split the sensor wires to goto both sides of the esc.

Another option would be to use a usplit on the active uart, but that could mess with peddle assist :person_shrugging:

As discussed by email, this should be doable with a DAVEGA firmware update. I’ll take a look at it next week when I’m back in the office. I’m sick now.

Hope you feel better soon Jan. I too have the manflu and I am doing my part in making my wife know all about it.

Mine left me home alone today. I was forced to get out of bed and make myself breakfast all by myself. Women are terrible.

I’m so sorry. We’re forced into some rediculous situations. I just vaccumed the house, imagine having to do that in my condition?

Did she make you? That may qualify as domestic violence!

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My wife has told me that we’re wrong, so that’s that then.

Okay, so I’ve done something. Please test. It’s out as v5.06rc3.

There’s a new option under “Experimental settings” called “RPM from ESC 2”. If you enable it, the RPM (and speed) should be calculated from the “second ESC”, i.e. the one that DAVEGA is not directly connected to.

(If there’s more than one other ESC on CAN bus, then the one with the lowest ID is used.)



Fantastic. Will try tomorrow

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