Calling all Unicycle homies! (Hoverboard & OW Safe Place)

What is the BEST VALUE electric uni out there right now? Yes, I’m talking to you @longhairedboy @ARetardedPillow :grin::grin:


Ohhhh shit here we go

If you want to learn, get a used unicycle like the gotway tesla, inmotion bullshits, kingsong wheels.

But if you want ride like how we did that night you need the gotway MsuperX 100v or the gotway monster 100v, nothing under 100v would cut it.

But best value has to go to the gotway tesla

And never get the z10 unless its 100$ or free


All noted! I’m mainly looking to use it for filming, I’m about to dump all the monies into camera gear, and the kind of dynamic shots Tishawn is able to get off a uni is unmatched, in my opinion.


If you want to keep up with a group of people on esk8 you’re going to need to spend at least $100.



Trust me I saw in NYC hahaha. @ARetardedPillow was rippin

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Yeah bro, filming on a uni is magic by itself, but if you’re ever going to come to NY again I’ll teach you on my uni for sure

@Brenternet there was only 1-2 guys that actually kept up with the uni during NYEF lol, and we were just chilling

Where were you that day?


It’s a different beast all together really. Big ol’ comfy wheel, loads of power on demand if you want it. On paper it’s a better deal but there’s something about it that just doesn’t appeal unless you’re in a group ride?

On your own you float by women and you can hear their vagina’s dry up as you go past.


Its a more practical machine overall and its more manueverable than any board, but yeah you look like a dork when youre on it, unless you’re me ofc


I think you should aim for a euc with a top speed of around 25. It sounds like a lot in the beginning, but you might as well just use speed modes to limit your speed instead of buying a second ‘better’ (just goes faster, probably more range as a result though. ) euc.

My only regret with my ninebot c+ was the top speed, which was around 15 mph

3404 miles away. I’ll get over and do an extended US trip soon™. I plan to convince @Sender to give me the tour.


I started out with an EUC of a top speed of 33 mph and got comfortable with it in a couple weeks, the learning curve on EUCs are pretty different

Should aim for one that does 30+ tbh or else you’ll get bored pretty fast


@mmaner in this thread.



Msuper x 100v coming Tuesday.


I would strongly suggest not going to or from a ninbot z10. They are so different. Either get one and stick with it, or get the 2" tire types (gotway, inmotion) and stick with those.

After a z10, a gotway feels like a toy. After a gotway, a z10 feels like a tank.

but the z10 gets up to 28mph, wheras a gotway can go faster.

but do you want a 2" tire when you’re exploring off road and terrible terrains? probably not, and you won’t be doing 35 through there anyway. That’s z10 territory.

I was on a dirt bike track in Colorado getting waaaaay high up berns on that z10. It’s all low end muscle.

That’s my experience anyway. I’ve ridden both, and i’m not sure which I like more, but after that tank z10 everything else I ride feels like plastic.


This is truth lol.

Don’t forget @b264

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Then I’m sure you’ll be seeing me! Come ride with the Alabama boys for sure!

I’m a downill skater… dis no scare me… 60 is when i start getting antsy :joy:


This is why I love you


Hope you’ll go fast…we keep losing our onewheel in group rides :joy: