Calling all EU Vendors or EU Group Buy?

I get a lot of emails regarding the super high shipping charges and import taxes. I wish I could lower the prices on those kinds of things but I just can’t.

I am based in the US and a good 1/3 of my customers are from EU. Therefore, it makes sense to have either an EU group buy or better, a vendor for my stuff. That “stuff” is soon to be more than motor mounts. My hangers are weeks away from being ready for sale!

Shoot me a message if you’re interested.


It still costs a fair bit to ship to other european countries like $10 at least

I was told 9eur for 500g, 3-4 days. In the US it is 13eur minimum, 21eur for 500g +tax 7-14 days.

well you shouldnt factor tax into anything. The importer’s responsible for that

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True, but the buyers cost is what I’m concerned about. I’ve lost lots of interest because for a $15 mount it’s $14 shipping + tax

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I think what mooner is trying to convey here is that your $15 mount in the EU will still cost $15 to ship into any other EU nation.

Effectively you’re paying postage twice


The problem is not the $15 mount & shipping, it’s the atypical 2 x mounts, sundries & shipping, once that hits about €45 or thereabouts, blammo: import duties, pushing the delivered price up to €65-€70.

Be like China: mark the contents as €15 value, send via the cheapest padded baggie post you can and keep the receipt for proof. We all pay for China’s cheap post even if we don’t benefit

Very few parcels go missing in reality; once the address is correct, the recipient doesn’t live in a shared mail dwelling, they aren’t a con artist. Yeah you’ll get burnt once in a while by the above but you could make it a recipient choice

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