Calling all ESK8 Freeriders

I have a TB pro2 dual belt driven kit on a 34inch freeride/dh deck (Dex Manning gambler from Landyachtz). I have been riding parking garages with my competitive analog riding friends for a few weeks now in the midwest, and I feel myself majorly lacking in the cornering, and well…fun department.

You don’t have to come at me with the education on dual belt giving resistance and whatever, I know these things. I’m a competent free rider on analog boards myself, and I’ve been riding my eboard for the greater part of a year. Not a pro by any means, but give me a big hill, gloves, and I’ll take myself safely down with toesides and heelside slides alike on analog. With that being said…

The Abec11 freeride (90mm) are tall, narrow, and super soft. They grip, but they corner like a wooden ship, even with my cal2 184mm trucks slightly loose. Always corners wide. I feel like board weight has a lot to do with this too. How do people freeride eboards with the weight? I want some instruction here. I’ve been looking into switching to Caguama 80a wheels too, they’re wider and harder (80A being the median between 77A and 83…still want some commuting prowess). To get some harder cornering, would I look into mechanics of more throttle to essentially “drift”? Thanks for the support!


Have you looked into different bushings?

Paging @RipTideSports


I know a guy…

I know a guy that can hook you up with seismic pulleys…


Softer bushings invites more dive and a softer turn, sure, but I’m running double barrels as it is, like 85/87a road/boardside respectively. I can loosen them and they’ll turn. But I’m more interested in the idea of a legit freeride approach partnered with sliding, of which the abecs are not suited for. They’re great commuters, but I’m looking to nail some corners at higher speeds.

Straight up if I could ride my speedvents (my LDP wheels), that would be so sweet. Still looking into the idea of caguamas for better sliding capabilities.


Man I ride my boards like a ski lift. The power is only there for getting back up the hill. There is something to be said for screaming uphill while carving all over the place too. Then I let gravity take over but this time with the benefit of brakes. Wooo! I’m getting too old for full on sliding around the place but the feeling of just flowing down the hill is second to none.

Calling @moon You have a fellow speedvent fan here my bro. Hook him up.


So much this.


The unpowered freeride boards you have, how are they setup compared to your ESK8?

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You can slide anyboard if you commit enough.

I havent been able to hold a large slide on quick 180 drift. But keeping the rear wheels spinning is key.

With esk8 slides will be harder to control unless you are using something like a more traditional slide wheel. Venom Mach 1 and Otangs.


Setup with smaller slide wheels or more recently my speedvents. Surfrodz indeesz tkp, bustin sportster pro. Low sitting, great stability. Similar bushing setups as discussed earlier. My cals on the eboard use your pivot cups though




Boy howdy how do I get my hands on those gears?


the future is looking good!

was gonna say, careful on this forum - you may find something you REALLY LIKE


Can’t get them yet but follow the project here

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