Calling all (Aussie) East Coast Esk8 Members with a Spot Welder.

This post is going to need a bit of explaining, so let me set the scene:

Two days before I leave on a trip along the east coast of Australia, my spot welder finally arrives.

After months of waiting, I could finally cram in some battery building and fix up my board so I can cause Esk8 havoc all the way down the coast, I was pumped… then, shock, dismay, anger, disappointment; the spot welder delivered me that fateful puff of white smoke. And it’s not just a fuse swap jobbie either.

Now, carting around a batteryless board will be very…not fun, so I have a major favor to ask of anyone, anywhere in the Aussie east coast Esk8 community who has a spot welder.

If anyone could be the guy, or knows someone who could be the guy, who can sell a spot welder, or weld together my cells within a day or two, it would complete a 17-year-old’s surf holiday dreams.

I have the batteries and spot welding tabs on hand, and I’m in the unique position that I’m going to be hitting pretty much every town from brizzy to melbourne in the span of a week or so, and I’m more than willing to make detours for this. Bonus points if you’re further north, because that means more days with a working board.

I’d be more than willing to pay extra for the labor (and probably inconvenience) costs of building the battery with such short notice, or buy up any spot welder someone doesn’t need.
I’ll wash the dog, I’ll clean the car, move some bricks, whatever you want a 6’4 grease monkey 17-year-old to do, I’ll do it for the favor of fixing the battery with such weird circumstances, and pay you.

TLDR: Is anyone, anywhere on the Aussie east coast able to spot weld me a battery if I stop by on my road trip?

(Apologies if the topic is incorrect, I got no clue what this post fits into)


@glyphiks is in Melbourne, he’s probably more familiar with the AU esk8 community

@danieloath is in Sydney, but he hasn’t been on here for a month, maybe send him an email or message via his website →

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There’s @TinnieSinker but I don’t remember where he lives… I thought near Darwin but maybe I’m totally wrong and he’s from the east coast

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Jai (tinnie) is in brisbane/gold coast area, also @Kaydo and @Pottsy in the area as well. All of them have welders and all of them are sick cunts. One of them will surely be able to help you out.


I think you should contact Nomad designs via instagram, he is quite active there. His builds are sick, and he is in Brisbane.

I also vote Nomad as my day job gets priority in the summer months