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Caliber II Motor Mounts With Crossbar

So back on the hunt again for new motor mounts for my current build plan looking for options to fit caliber 2 hangers 275mm hangers with crossbar option

Iv found Torque Boards but not wide enough for my build

Whoosh Could use some custom taped bar but out of stock for some time

dickho’s mount but want some thing with a bit more quality

Any one got any other suggestions?

Buy mine and run some rods.

This was a low quality post.




I wouldn’t really say dickyho mounts are any lower quality than the other budget mounts :wink:

In saying that if you want invincible mounts, fixed angle ones are the way to go. I love the fixed ones I have, they’re torqueboard clones and they’re super thick.

Any one know of any more options available?

New whoosh mounts will soon be in stock. Might be able to do something with that crossbar lenght also :slightly_smiling_face:

Any pics? How soon last “soon” was over 1/2 a year ago

3 weeks. Yes, as I said to you before on pm, stock of new parts for the webshop was halted. Just trying to be helpful, feel free to pass

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